Rodney R. Payne provides premier in-house training services that meet the specific needs of business owners, employees, team leaders and managers.



Rodney Payne provides premier in-house training services that meet the specific needs of business owners, employees, team leaders and managers.


In-house courses are a critical component of our business, and we are able to customize courses to meet the precise requirements of individual clients. 

Is your team up-to-date on the most recent developments in your field?

Rodney R. Payne provides premier in-house training services that meet the specific needs of business owners, employees, team leaders, and managers. A recognized leader in on-site training programs, we provide tailored training exclusively for your business. 

Developing effective leaders requires hands-on instruction, opportunities to apply the learning, feedback and coaching to further shape the skills of individuals and teams.

In-house training is one of the best ways to achieve this because the input is specific to your team in a mentoring environment that they are already comfortable in: your offices.

In-house programs demonstrate your organization’s commitment to staff and employee development. They help foster team morale and a positive work culture, and have excellent team building benefits as well. In-house training is also very cost effective because there is generally no venue, travel, catering and course material costs 

As a recognized leader in training & education, Coach Rodney does not conduct "off the shelf" training. All programs take into consideration the individual and organizational needs of the participants. 

All the courses listed on our Topics page can be customized to suit your precise requirements. Alternatively, we are able to design and develop training programs to meet your organization’s specific objectives. 

Our programs are relevant, practical and delivered in an engaging way. Our on-site team trainings can be delivered to groups as small of 2 or 3 to large teams of 200 or 300. Combining assessments, interactive exercises and hands-on training, all of our courses can be delivered at a time and location to suit you. 

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from our customized team training solutions click here. 

Business Development

How effective is your elevator pitch, networking skills, and ability to market yourself? 

Are you efficiently prospecting leads, tracking sales opportunities and converting prospects to customers? 

What about your time management skills, ability to prioritize and develop systems and processes? 

If there is room for improvement in any of these areas, this training is for you! 

Coach Rodney works with those who are highly motivated to take their business to the next level by providing the tools, training, and support you need to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to go: 

  • How to Pursue Strategic Opportunities and Partnerships¬†
  • Identifying New Markets for Products and Services¬†
  • How to Develop and Implement Growth¬†
  • How to Maximize the Strength of Relationships with Existing Customers
  • How to Enter into Emerging and International Markets

Crystal Ifekoya

C.I., Senior Event Planner, WHOW | Tulsa, OK

"Mr. Payne has revamped the world of Inspiration and Motivational Speaking with his personal touch."

Deborah Love Bradshaw

Author, Coach, TEDx Speaker | Tulsa, OK

"Having had the privilege of personally being coached by Rodney, I can respectfully recommend him. If you just want someone to pat you on the back and tell you, "Great Job!" then Rodney is probably not the coach for you. However, if you want someone to truly help you succeed, to develop your leadership skills, to hold you accountable and to impart wisdom to you, then Rodney R. Payne is just the man for the job."

C. W.

Salon Embellish Studio | Oklahoma City, OK

"He loves to see you win" He is there for you. His Relentless goal to have excellence in his business approach helps build your confidence. He activates the potential Winner inside of you."

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