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Let's Grow: 3 Keys to Move the Needle in Your Organization

by Rodney R. Payne

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  • The Significance of Connection
  • The Art of Communication
  • The Results of Completing

Crystal Ifekoya

C.I., Senior Event Planner, WHOW | Tulsa, OK

"Mr. Payne has revamped the world of Inspiration and Motivational Speaking with his personal touch."

Deborah Love Bradshaw

Author, Coach, TEDx Speaker | Tulsa, OK

"Having had the privilege of personally being coached by Rodney, I can respectfully recommend him. If you just want someone to pat you on the back and tell you, "Great Job!" then Rodney is probably not the coach for you. However, if you want someone to truly help you succeed, to develop your leadership skills, to hold you accountable and to impart wisdom to you, then Rodney R. Payne is just the man for the job."

C. W.

Salon Embellish Studio | Oklahoma City, OK

"He loves to see you win" He is there for you. His Relentless goal to have excellence in his business approach helps build your confidence. He activates the potential Winner inside of you."



Have you ever considered that your decisions craft your future? Decision-making is the critical and
oftentimes missing ingredient that typically separates the good from the great. You've probably achieved what is most considered a success; however, you find yourself simply going through the mundane motions of life, unintentionally aborting your purpose.

Rodney has lived this story & he is now on the other side. He specializes in helping executives unlock their deepest desires and equips you with the tools to make critical decisions so that you can become the best version of yourself, every day in every area of your life.